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Is the Mercury elimination a panacea for most modern health problems?

Do you have one or more of the health problems listed below

? Your extended family has some of them? If yes, then you should think to check {1} for mild (or severe) Mercury poisoning.

Addison's disease


Alzheimer's' disease

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Ankylosing spondylitis

Anorexia nervosa



Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD

Autoimmune disease

Bipolar disorder

Borderline personality disorder



Chronic fatigue


Crohn's disease


Endocrine disorders

Environmental illness


Food allergies






Irritable bowel syndrome

Juvenile arthritis

Learning disabilities

Lupus erythromatosus

Manic depression

Multiple chemical sensitivities

Multiple sclerosis

Myasthenia gravis

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Panic attacks

Parkinson's disease

Pervasive developmental disorder


Rheumatoid arthritis



Sleep disorders

Yeast syndrome

Mercury can affect numerous biological processes taking place in an animal body; less in fish, since fish transform the mercury in methyl mercury and it can live with it with no problem. Unfortunately, mammals do not have this type of protective mechanism.

I do not want to write an article about whether or not to vaccinate. I just want to write an article about the possible effects of mercury elimination and health improvement caused by it.

First, let me tell you that I was shocked when I found out that a big number of autistic children (Andrew Cutler says that ¾ of autistic children) can improve tremendously or even lose their autism diagnosis by mercury chelation {2}.

After watching tens of hours of specialised documentaries about why vaccines can be dangerous (I was convinced that it would only concern for 1% of the population) and after learning a lot about vaccines preparation and injuries induced by vaccines, I watched the documentary “Trace amounts” {3}.

A 29 year old young man {4}, became autistic weeks after a tetanus shot. Shortly after, he started to investigate his problem with MDs (different medical doctors and specialists), but no possible cause was mentioned and no solution was proposed beside hospitalization in a specialised institution. I will let you guess which type. After four months of struggling with the autism symptoms (which actually are mercury poisoning symptoms) he found out about the mercury poisoning symptoms and about Andrew Cutler {5} protocol and started the mercury chelation (elimination). After a few months of Cutler protocol, he was able to get back to work and he completely recovered eventually. However, he started to be more and more interested about the mercury poisoning and vaccine injuries.

His genetic susceptibility (in this case, genetic predisposition of not being able to eliminate heavy metals) made him re-experience the mercury poisoning symptoms for a second time after he was exposed to vapours of some neon tubes. This time, the symptoms were back “with a revenge” and it was much more difficult to chelate. After this second experience, he made the “Trace amounts” documentary, since "the science became his new obsession”.

All the documentaries watched lately, all the scientific articles read lately and the content of the two books written by Andrew Cutler brought me to the conclusion that a huge number of modern health conditions should also be treated by a mercury chelation.

Maybe, this is important for you too in order to improve your health and therefore your life.

{1} By a hair test, nevertheless be aware that Mercury is not present in the hair of those having Mercury problems, its presence means that you are eliminating it or that the poisoning is severe.



{4} Trace Amounts is the true story of Eric Gladen's painful journey through mercury poisoning.

{5} Andrew Cutler has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Princeton.

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