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Heal yourself by naturopathy!

The self-healing power of the body must have its chance and it must be stimulated!

Regardless of the symptoms observed or the diagnoses received, naturopathy will certainly help you improve your well-being.

It should be noted that all the principles used by naturopathy to create conditions conducive to self-healing are based on scientific knowledge and are supported by scientific studies. This is a bit of the reason why I named this site Naturopathie Scientifique.

Without hesitation, you can eliminate the word "incurable" from your vocabulary. The power of self-healing is in the nature of any organism. You just have to understand its laws and apply the right remedy that will not only mask the symptoms, but will act on the cause.

Under what circumstances can naturopathy help you?

In prevention: by teaching a healthy lifestyle based on natural health factors in order to support vitality.
Support: in the event of physiological imbalances manifested by discomfort or organic disorders
In complementarity: with allopathic medicine and other health approaches

Miruna Roman  Ph.D.  ND.A.
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